EPB Rear Caliper and Electronic hand brake range

Technical specifications:

Piston size (surface area)

1 x 38.6mm (11.70cm2)

Piston material

Hard anodised billet aluminium (6082 T6)

Caliper colour

Powdercoat (Black¦ Blue¦ Red¦ Silver¦ Yellow)

Anodised (Black¦ Silver)

Body material

6082 T6 billet aluminium

Hydraulic Thread

 M10 x 1.0

To suit disc diameter (Width)

(240mm to 315mm) (10mm and 24mm radial & golf)

Pad specifications:

Pad type


Pad surface area

33.94 cm2

Pad thickness

9.7mm material /   14.3mm total

Pad volume

32.92 cm3


Mount type

Part number

Anodised price exc. VAT

Powdercoated price exc. VAT

EPB ultralite radial

Radial 130mm ctrs.

EPB                 RAD



EPB ultralite golf

VW golf mk4 rear fitment

EPB                GOLF



EPB ultralite MX5

Mazda MX5 rear fitment

EPB                MX5



For more information on Hispec Calipers, please call 01322 286850.

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EPB- Spot caliper kit –Description

Our most powerful rear Handbrake  caliper ever!!

Electronic handbrakes are popular on modern vehicles so take the

opportunity to retrofit a state of the art handbrake

Our EPB rear caliper uses hi-torque electric motors to engage or disengage the handbrake

Once handbrake is engaged or disengaged it will hold the vehicle stationary without any electrical power

Easy electrical installation

Designed to be used as auxiliary handbrake caliper

Allows for more space on the interior as handbrake lever and handbrake cables can be eliminated

Handbrake can be engaged or disengaged at the push of a button  

Ideal for use on even heavier vehicles

Mot and IVA test Compliant

Kit Contents: Pair of EPB spot calipers, 1x EPB ECU, 1x EPB wiring loom and 1x EPB button switch

    EPB- rear Caliper – Technical Info

Various loom length options

Sliding caliper

Suitable for disc thickness from to 6mm to 36mm*

Caliper Weight- approx. 1.28kg inc pads per caliper

Loom Weight approx. 0.4kg to 0.55kg

Mounting Lug Golf mk4  or radial

Pad thickness- 12mm total and 9mm thick friction material

Pad Surface area-28cm²

Clamping Force- Approx 1480KG

*Contact us if you require a spacer size that is not listed

hispec handbrake ECU Operation (1).pdf

Click for ECU Operation guide

hispec handbrake ECU user guide.pdf

Click for ECU user guide

Golf mk4 lug mounting

Radial lug mounting

For more information on Hispec Calipers, please call 01322 286850.