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HiSpec Caliper Range

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Mono R

Rotor 380mm to 400mm


RS + RX114-4 260mm to 285mm

RS + RX114-4 300mm to 315mm


RS + RX126-6 260mm to 285mm

RS + RX126-6 300mm to 315mm


RS+RX 132-4 Rotor 275mm to 300mm

RS+RX 132-4 Rotor 315mm to 335mm

RS+RX 132-4 Rotor 340mm to 365mm


RS+RX 132-6 Rotor 275mm to 300mm

RS+RX 132-6 Rotor 315mm to 335mm

RS+RX 132-6 Rotor 340mm to 365mm


RX152 Rotor 350mm to 400mm

RS152 Rotor 350mm to 400mm


RX series

RX13 Rotor 270mm to 290mm

RX15 Rotor 300mm to 320mm

RX17 Rotor 330mm to 345mm

RX19 Rotor 360mm to 380mm

Mono R Range R126-6 Range R132-4-Range

Formula Ford Range

For cars using Original Mini cooper hubs, Ideal for a Formula ford upgrade.

Uses Mini cooper pads

Formula Ford range RS100-4 Range


RS100-4 260 to 285mm

RX Range R152-6 Range R114-4 Range R132-6 Range